May Update.
by Kyte

Oh good lord, I'm still alive. I really hope to get that flash game finished by the end of the month. Doubt it's gonna happen, but in the unlikely case that progress happens exponentially I need some music. I would love if one of my readers happened to be a composer and wanted to make me something. Though if you do, please note that looking for about three or four short loops (Longer than 20 seconds, shorter than 3 minutes each) that will play as ambiance. I'll go into more detail if anybody mentions they're interested in helping, but in the mean time: CHIBIS! There'll be another set of different characters later, and hopefully I'll decide on a design for the Zythix for some concept art next week.

-- Patrick Curry (Also my birthday is the 7th. I don't have anything planned because I'm a lame-ass. Though I may or may not be getting a new computer.)

I know it's been like a month
by Kyte

and I'm terribly sorry for keeping everybody waiting. I really don't know why I don't just finish the next page. I guess I just want to work on other things at the moment. I'll see about getting the next page done sometime soon hopefully. I have most of it sketched out anyway, which is the most arduous step. It's not like a crazy long page or anything, I just haven't been working as hard as I probably could've on the comic.

There's not enough time in the week.
by Kyte

Actually, that's a lie. There's plenty of time. I'm just lazy, and haven't really been in the mood to draw Snowfall. Sorry I'm such a lousy webcomic artist/author. The page'll be up either the 31st or the 1st.