Worldbuilding and reboot
by Kyte

Keep an eye out for it. Thanks for sticking by. Sorry for being absent.

March update
by Kyte
May Update.
by Kyte

Oh good lord, I'm still alive. I really hope to get that flash game finished by the end of the month. Doubt it's gonna happen, but in the unlikely case that progress happens exponentially I need some music. I would love if one of my readers happened to be a composer and wanted to make me something. Though if you do, please note that looking for about three or four short loops (Longer than 20 seconds, shorter than 3 minutes each) that will play as ambiance. I'll go into more detail if anybody mentions they're interested in helping, but in the mean time: CHIBIS! There'll be another set of different characters later, and hopefully I'll decide on a design for the Zythix for some concept art next week.

-- Patrick Curry (Also my birthday is the 7th. I don't have anything planned because I'm a lame-ass. Though I may or may not be getting a new computer.)