Uhh...I can explain
by Kyte

Long story short, I didn't get the page done and ComicFury whom hosts this site is doing a server transfer this weekend so had I got it done, I would've missed the deadline for uploading a comic to the cache which was this morning. I'll try to get it done by the end of Sunday and upated right after if the server transfer is done. In the meantime, you can look at this:

Technology + Me = Ooga Booga Ooga Booga
by Kyte

If anybody knows how to crop an image using CSS or HTML, please contact me with information how to. If that's commenting on one of my comics, using the forums, or PMing me on comicfury; go for it. I know how to resize stuff, and I've been dabbling in tables, borders, and dropshadows, but I can't figure out how to clip an image without destroying the formatting of the page.

Anyway, about the comic: when I said I was going to forgo the fourth wall, I meant going into a narration of what was going to happen for the next page in order to jump over a large bit of sitting around and talking. I'm not going to compeletely ruin the mood (hopefully) of an story driving comic. I will be jumping into chapter one with this comic, or getting to the end of the prologue at the very least. I'll do my best to explain things so nobody is lost as to how everybody gets to where they're going to be next, but if you ever have a question feel free to use the forums. Or any other form of contacting me.

And if anybody really needs it, you can contact me at but I never check my emails, so don't expect a speedy reply if you do.


Oh yeah, there is also extra content on the forum! You don't have to register to check it out, but you do have to register to add to discussion.

Messing around with the site layout.
by Kyte

I wanted to have a layout kind of like a mini archive where it would look like the archive, but it be just to the first comic and then the three latest comics. Unfortunately, I'm not up to snuff on my HTML or CSS, so until I figure out how to do that this'll do. If you guys have any suggestions as to what the layout should look like, you can PM on ComicFury or use the forum I made for the sole purpose of bugging me about my comic and stuff. >_>