More bad news
by Kyte

It's been touch and go for the past few months with my laptop's charger, but it finally died this morning. I'm running on battery power to post this. Anyway, what this means is that the comic will be delayed until I can replace it, because I can't draw without my laptop. I hope I can get a new one soon.

Upgraded to Windows 7
by Kyte

This may or may not be a bad thing. Wish me luck so that I may get the next page finished faster.

Uhh...I can explain
by Kyte

Long story short, I didn't get the page done and ComicFury whom hosts this site is doing a server transfer this weekend so had I got it done, I would've missed the deadline for uploading a comic to the cache which was this morning. I'll try to get it done by the end of Sunday and upated right after if the server transfer is done. In the meantime, you can look at this: