More power troubles
by Kyte

It's not as simple as buy a new charger. I need a new battery AND a new power jack. The battery is easy, but the power jack costs as much as the battery and then has to be soldered into place. This makes the cost of repairs too great, and I'd rather just replace the old laptop. A new tablet laptop, the one I want anyway, costs roughly 900 USD at the cheapest model. I have a job interview soon, so hopefully I can get a job that will pay me regularly. So I'll be able to buy it, it's just going to take awhile. Anyway, the problem is the battery won't hold a full charge for longer than 5 minutes at the lowest settings, and the power jack isn't recognized by the laptop all the time. This will make drawing new pages difficult because my laptop may randomly decide to just power off because it has no power. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with the one page per week, but no promises.

Going out of town
by Kyte

Leaving today and won't get back until late tomorrow. I'm visiting my sister in Lincoln for her dance recital. The comic will be most likely be delayed until sometime Sunday. Since the comic is going to be late, here is a rough animation I did for Lumi:

Face lift
by Kyte

I don't stop drawing and not get better. I took a break to improve my style and I say it did a little.