Depression hurts (although that might be carpal tunnel syndrom...)
by Kyte

Todays page shall be postponed until Saturday or Sunday night.

21st's comic will be a little late
by Kyte

Should rapture come and you not be able to see it because either I'm raptured or you are raptured, then tough titties. Otherwise, it should be up later today for your viewing pleasure. In other news, I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4. It was a good movie. If you liked the first three, you should go watch it. If you didn't like the first three, the fourth one was better. It didn't have Keira knightley in it for starters.


Also, to whoever posted me on The Belfry Webcomic Index: Thanks. If you're from Belfry, thanks for the tremendous spike in attention. You're all really cool people, and hope you like what you find here.

by Kyte