No comics for November
by Kyte

Snowfall shall return on the first Saturday of December, which is oddly enough the 3rd.

Still sick and tired
by Kyte

The next page will be up by the end of the day.

Don't mind me
by Kyte

Just moving the front page around again.  I thought it best to just have the full sized comic on the front page rather than making people click links to get to it. This allows me to put more content up on the side of the page, but it also pushes these blogs to the bottom of the page. Not that I have anything to say that's really worth reading as soon as you get here. Anyway, if anybody manages to find this under the comic, the layout will probably be moving about a bit as I continue to bog down the front page with links and information. I may or may not include the side bar in the archives, and I may or may not put a tower ad in it. If you guys don't mind, I probably will. However if you think one is enough, then I'll think of something else.