Winter Holiday Update
by Kyte

Firstly, the 24's page will be up later in the day. Been a busy week what with Christmas coming up, but I'll get it done.

Anyway, it's been a great first year for the comic, hopefully 2012 will have less missed weekends. Note to myself, and so you have more content to look forward to, I need to finish drawing Keith's, Lloyd's, and soon Shaun's character sheets. I also need to update the information for the Yersai, Human, and soon to be added Zythix page. If you want to know what a Zythix is, I suppose you'll just have to for the page to be done. If enough people request it by commenting on the comic or on the forum, I'll add a dictionary/translation page with various Yersai/Zythix words and phrases that pop up in the comic. The languages may be spelled in english, however they don't use the same words in-universe. I'd just like people to be able to know what they're saying without actually creating at least two new langauges from the ground up. And then force people to learn them. We all have better things to be doing with our time.

I also need to get into the habit of drawing new voting incentives occasionally, and place the button for voting in a more noticible spot. Thank you to the people who've gotten me into the top 250 on TWC, you guys are awesome. I consider this quite a feat for someone as 'indie' as I am. Maybe by the end of the year I'll have garnered enough attention to be able to afford my own advertising and pull into the top 100. And speaking of affording things, I plan on building a new computer from scratch and purchasing a Cintiq PL-500 to draw with. Hopefully when this happens it doesn't put a damper on the comic, but I assume a new drawing apparatus would take time to get used to. More on that when it occurs.

Many thanks to everybody who reads my comic, regardless if you like it or not; and much love to those who read it and enjoy it. And I hope you can keep on enjoying it as the story moves on.

Best regards,

Patrick Curry (aka Kyte)

No comics for November
by Kyte

Snowfall shall return on the first Saturday of December, which is oddly enough the 3rd.

Still sick and tired
by Kyte

The next page will be up by the end of the day.