Author's note: I'm pretty sure 99% of the people who are reading this know more about humans than I do. But since the culture is different being based in a fictional webcomic, I'll give you some tips on them anyway.



Humans originally crossed the sea in search of more land and settled on the east coast of Wion (what the humans named the continent when they fist landed). Shortly after arriving they discovered the Yersai. Not knowing that the Yersai were intelligent, sentient beings, they hunted them as they would a common animal. Mostly for their furs. The Yersai were outraged by these attacks, and though they tried to fight back against the humans, they did little to stop them. Eventually the Yersai fled to the forests of the west where the humans had yet to explore, and the to the icy plains of the north where the humans refused to go. The humans stopped hunting them for their fur after realizing their mistake a couple hundred years too late, though they have seen little to no signs of them since.

After these events the humans spread out in search for more land. There are two major human cities in Wion: one by the coast where they first landed, and one more inland close to where the plains meet the forests and tundra at an adjacent angle. Both these have several smaller settlements surrounding them, though most are used to trade supplies.



The current time-frame for humans in this universe at the moment is medievalistic future (Fantasy Sci-fi). They use such things archaic weapons, a barter system (they do use money, however food and services are worth more), etc. They also advanced building structures, their own version of the intertubes (mostly used for information and not communication),  medical treatments used  in our own universe currently, etc. While they do have vehicles capable of sustained flight, they aren't very energy efficient. Larger vehicle cost exponentially more to fly, and space travel is right out. They have launched a few satellites for communication purposes.



The settlements in Wion were part of a large empire across the sea. However, since the journey is quite long and expensive, their sovereign leader has essentially cut ties with them. Without leadership from their sovereign leader, the first few settlements almost fell into anarchy. A man came forth and took things over. After several months, a deliberative democracy was set up formally. It eventually degraded into a Bureaucracy, run by several companies.