The Yersai

[Physical Aspects]

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The Yersai are small, fox-like creatures, being about 2 and 3/4 feet tall (not including their tail which adds about another foot) on average and not weighing very much more than 50 pounds (including their large, bushy tail).There are two sub-species of Yersai, one that resides in wooded or forested areas and one that resides in tundra. The main differences between this two sub-species is fur length and color to match their respective climates. These sub-species were produced when the Yersai were driven from the plains where they once resided by the humans around 600 years prior to the comic's setting. Due to this scattering, they live in small villages that have a very diverse sets of politics and leadership styles. Yersai are mature at around 13 or 14 (human) years of age, and live on average to about 65 (human) years of age. Females are receptive once a year in early winter, resulting in all births in early summer. Normal births result in a single kit though twins, triplets, etc. exist.

Mostly a carnivorous diet, though they are omnivores so small fruits are not unknown to be in their diet when meat is in short supply. They tend to hunt in groups of one or two, though some communities have different methods. They hunt with a weapon that is best described as an 'advanced crossbow'. They have few weapons solely for the use of fighting, mostly daggers and aforementioned crossbows; and have no defensive gear besides light leathers. Despite their lack of weaponry, they have their claws and fangs with they can use to stand their own against an adversary more than twice their size. They quick, sure-footed with sensitive, large ears and sharp eyes. However, if ever confronted by something larger than them they are more likely to turn tail and run. They are timid to the point of xenophobia to most sentient races, due to the events that occurred with the humans around 600 years prior to the comic's setting. Whether this fear was planted instinctively or was planted through propaganda is unknown.

Both sub-species are nocturnal and live underground. A single family may dig a burrow that extend as far as 12 feet underground that is divided by floors about 4 feet apart with about a 10x10 foot floor area on each. The displaced dirt is used to build a small 'hut' used to shelter and identify the burrow entrance, with the excess used to make a sort of wall around the village. Whether or not these burrows are connected is at the discretion of the village government.


Author's note: There are many Yersai villages, ergo there are many forms of government used. Most of them are Isocracies, but for the sake of the comic (and time) we'll focus on Lumi's home village. If you have read The Giver by Lois Lowry, it's kind of like that. Without 'the giver'.

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